Red Apple Day

Project: National Eat a Red Apple Day

December 1st is National Eat a Red Apple Day. Apples are a double-treat in the world of fruit: they’re delicious and nutritious! Plus, they have a long and hearty history: not only is the apple tree one of the most widely cultivated fruit trees, it’s perhaps the oldest.  Arizona Beverages wanted to promote this holiday on their Instagram feed with an eye appealing image that popped.  I took this picture at our local grocery store and then modified it in photoshop.


Food Drive

Project: Ad Layout for the Mercy House Food Drive

I was involved in this project from concept to completion.  Once I received the written article I was given full autonomy on the design and layout.  

Layout designed in Adobe Indesign


Patty Miller Ad

Project: Ad for Patty Miller Photography

Patty Miller a local photograper came to me looking for a half page full color ad.  She wanted to show off her talents as a photographer in a beautiful layout and warm design.  We worked together picking the right photos and I developed the elements to enhanced the pictures.


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